Graduate Teaching Assistance (GTA) Experience

As GTA, I strongly think that teachers’ responsibility goes beyond transmitting knowledge and requires long-term skill transference. I encourage students to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios, which helps them retain the material and develop skills they can use in the long term, such as critical thinking and problem-solving attitude. I challenge students to develop their critical voices and present counterarguments. In doing so, I push them to consider different points of view and ensure performance improvement. 

During my Ph.D. I have served as GTA for the following courses:

PUP3204: Sustainability (2022)

INR4102: American Foreign Policy (2022, 2021)        

INR4363/4364: The Intelligence Community (2021)

INR4084: Politics of International Terrorism (2021)

INR4008: Global Perspectives (2021, 2020)

POS4284: Judicial Process and Politics (2021)

POS3413: The American Presidency (2021)

POS3273: Voting and Elections (2021)

CPO4303: Comparative Latin American Politics (2020)

POS3233: Public Opinion (2020)

POS2041: American National Government (2020, 2019)

POS4412: Presidential Campaigning (2020, 2019)

POS3703: Scope and Methods of Political Science (2019)

INR2002: IR Theory and Practice (2019)